• The ever-evolving signature dish of the main restaurant

    Speaking of the flagship store, Kuroobi

    Kuroobi Miso Ramen
    Two versions of soup, including Hokkaido Governor’s Award-winning miso, are combined to achieve the perfect balance between umami and sweetness. The soup takes eight hours to prepare and is daily made in two batches that involves the combination of the two versions of matured and fresh soup. The vegetables stir-fried in a finely timed manner and the vacuum-manufactured medium-thick, curly noodles go well with the soup. This is the restaurant’s signature dish that continues to evolve daily while preserving the traditional taste. Please try this taste that only Horyu can produce.
  • A bowl full of Hokkaido appeal

    Genghis Khan miso ramen in Peppery-bean-paste Broth
    The combination of Jingisukan (grilled mutton/lamb) and miso ramen, which embodies Hokkaido’s flavors, originated in Horyu.
    This is considered a “ramen with beauty benefits” because lamb contains vitamins that are good for the skin, and ingredients that are expected to help burn fat and reduce cholesterol. Try the taste created by the sweet and spicy miso and the juicy umami of Jingisukan.
  • a savory aroma of garlic and ginger

    A punchy dish with

    Kireuma Miso Ramen
    The sweetness and richness of the dish is based on a special miso sauce and secret seasonings.
    Garlic and ginger are stir-fried in oil on an iron pan until aromatic. Ground meat is then added to enhance the juiciness and umami.
    Several types of homemade miso are also blended to create a refreshing, rich, and sharp flavor.
    The soup is designed to be punchy and to go well with the springy, curly noodles.
  • Sapporo Koshiki Shoyu Ramen

    A modern twist on the original taste
    The main restaurant used to offer a dish referred to as Old-fashioned Soy Sauce. At the time, the mainstream soup had a light chicken stock base, so the idea of using soy sauce to create a multi-layered flavor is the origin of the Old-style Soy Sauce Ramen.
    For the soup, we use soy sauce naturally produced in a soy sauce brewery that is a designated national tangible cultural property.
    It is a popular dish with a light and moderately sweet flavor.
  • Shio Ramen

    sauce is created with a lot of time and effort by ramen chefs
    The salt-flavor sauce is carefully made by ramen chefs using a special process that allows the production of only two cans of sauce per day.
    The salt-flavor sauce blends smoothly with the carefully prepared soup in each restaurant without any unwanted odors. Since the establishment of Horyu, this smooth ramen has been one of the most popular dishes with many fans.
  • Kokuuma Miso Ramen

    The key is the richness of the soup
    Pork bone-based flavor.
    Research has been done to optimize the balance of the concentration of the soup to create a dish that you will never get tired of.
    The bones used for the soup are carefully cleaned to reduce the peculiar odor. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have reviewed and retouched the soup and miso sauce. We hope you enjoy the taste.