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Flexible franchise management

create flavors that match the regional characteristics and customer preferences

Three strengths in franchise management

  • Thorough instructions on preparing miso ramen

    Sharing years of know-how
    The main point is our accumulated know-how on soup and miso sauce making cultivated through years of research.
    We teach a wide range of soups, from simple to individually adapted.
    We also prepare a wide variety of miso sauces in our own central kitchen, and suggest the most suitable one for each soup.
    Horyu’s great strength is the ability to provide detailed guidance and advice on the knowledge of miso ramen built up through a long tradition.
  • Creating a flavor unique to each restaurant

    Unique menu development
    Each restaurant can provide one-of-a-kind ramen based on the local characteristics, procurement, and other individual factors.
    It is possible for each restaurant to arrange the soup, select the right sauce for it, and create a unique flavor. A symbolic example is the Shintoku branch, which won the hearts of customers with its Salt-flavored Ramen with Shintoku Chicken, and was listed in the 2012 special edition of the Michelin Guide Hokkaido. Each restaurant can reflect its individuality in taste and develop its own menu.
  • Creating a system for opening without extra costs

    Measures for starting a business with peace of mind
    There must be many people who want to open a ramen restaurant but are discouraged by the amount of investment needed. Horyu has created a system that minimizes the burden on owners as far as possible. For example, training fees are included in the franchise fee, so there is no need to pay for it separately, and costs for restaurant design and construction are reduced by allowing owners to freely carry out such work. From the viewpoint of creating a restaurant with originality, items designated by the headquarters are also minimal. You can open a restaurant with peace of mind while following your own ideas.

Requirements for membership

  • 01
    Enthusiasm and the ability to serve as a franchise owner.
    Endeavoring to find fulfillment in independence and applying one’s abilities.
    The ability to secure the necessary personnel to run a restaurant.
  • 02
    Having or expecting to have the necessary funds to open a restaurant as specified separately
  • 03
    Having a restaurant of one’s own or renting or expecting to rent one
  • 04
    The location of the aforementioned restaurant shall be inspected by the headquarters and shall have to meet or exceed the minimum standards.
  • 05
    A restaurant can be opened within five months after the application is approved. The opening date can be scheduled.
  • 06
    Renovation of the restaurant. The ability to renovate the restaurant under the direction of the headquarters and bear the costs
  • 07
    Franchise fee: 300,000 yen in Hokkaido, 500,000 yen outside Hokkaido
  • 08
    A franchise restaurant branch shall be opened according to the same procedures as those for new membership.
  • 09
    Loyalty: 10,000 yen per month (excluding consumption tax)

application information

Horyu has developed a franchise network of as many as 30 outlets.
Although the COVID-19 pandemic has made things difficult for restaurants, Horyu has established credibility and a proven track record by gaining the patronage of customers from all over Japan. We provide support by leveraging our expertise in cooking specializing in miso ramen and our brand power.
We have also set up a system that allows owners to incur as little extra cost as possible, making it possible to open a new restaurant at a lower cost than with other companies.
If you are anxious about becoming independent, want to take on a new challenge as a business owner, or are just interested, please contact us.

Support system

Support is provided on menu planning, taste, and management. The miso sauce made from Hokkaido Governor's Award-winning miso is also delivered. Each restaurant can create its own flavor based on the miso sauce. Even after opening of a new restaurant, we will provide advice and support via Zoom, so those who are planning to open a restaurant in a remote area do not have to worry.

Follow-up system

  • Consultations and advice on menus and taste
    We will support you in your challenges with our rich experience and know-how gained over many years, and we will provide advice via Zoom to franchisees who have installed the necessary equipment.
  • Practical training at the main restaurant as the core
    Ramen is a delicate dish of which the flavor may change depending on the slightest change in timing during cooking, so we help franchisees to build a solid skill foundation. Practical training is also provided based on a separate instruction manual so that franchisees can acquire knowledge about management and services.
  • Consultations available even after the restaurant has opened
    we will provide advice via Zoom to franchisees who have installed the necessary equipment.
    Even after the restaurant has opened, we will continue to provide consultations and work on solutions to issues.
  • Creating a restaurant where individuality can be utilized
    We value uniqueness, and each restaurant can develop its own menu and uniforms, set prices, etc.
    The possibilities are endless, from developing a menu using local specialties to creating a system to satisfy customers.

Flow until opening a store

  • contact
    You can contact us by phone, internet, or via our website.
    If you are interested in opening a restaurant, we will conduct several interviews before signing a contract. If you wish, you can meet us in advance via Zoom.
  • Meeting via Zoom
    Free consultations are available for those who are considering franchising. We would like you to understand the features and appeal of Horyu.
    After that, depending on your ideas and issues, we will listen to you and make suggestions before signing a contract.
  • Interview
    Before signing a contract, we will conduct several interviews to ensure that both parties understand each other.
    We will support those who meet the requirements for membership, have the ability to work as a franchise owner, and find fulfillment in becoming independent and applying their abilities.
    We would like you to have a meaningful time to gain a deeper understanding of Horyu and for us to hear about your motivation and ideas.
  • Location survey and approval
    The property must be secured by the owner, and the headquarters will confirm the location.
    Then, after you have fully understood the contents of the contract, you will be asked to sign it.
  • Building and equipment approval
    The decision will be made after consultation with the owner.
  • Training of owners
    Based on the established instruction manual, practical cooking training is conducted at the main restaurant in Susukino for 30 days.
    Ramen is a delicate dish of which the flavor may change depending on the slightest change in timing during cooking, so we help franchisees to build a solid skill foundation. Practical training is also provided based on a separate instruction
  • Progress in preparation for opening
    We will decide on the promotion of opening and an opening date.
    You will be required to have a food hygiene manager, business license, and disaster prevention manager by the opening date.
  • Opening
    This is how the opening of a restaurant proceeds.
    The staff at the headquarters will do their best to support you so that the opening goes smoothly.

Case study

  • Using skills to develop a popular dish

    This dish is prepared by the owner, a former Chinese food chef who wields a wok with gusto. The owner uses two types of gas stoves with the highest heat and finishes the dish in the blink of an eye while making a noise so intense that one can’t help but pay attention. This increases the appeal of the savory aroma of the ingredients.
    It is possible to create a unique restaurant by serving food utilizing your skills.
  • 2 stores listed in Michelin Guide Hokkaido

    You can develop menus using local specialties and flexibly reflect the restaurant’s own initiatives. The two restaurants of Shimizu and Shintoku have developed Torouma Gokujo Chashu Ramen and Salt-flavored Ramen with Shintoku Chicken, respectively, using locally produced ingredients, and have gained support from local customers. The restaurants were listed in the 2012 and 2017 special editions of the Michelin Guide Hokkaido.
  • Popular restaurant using locally produced ingredients

    The soup of the Shimizu branch is made using Shintoku chicken from the neighboring town of Shintoku. The soup is slowly simmered over time to bring out the flavor of the ingredients. This assures a pure, rich soup.
    The restaurant also uses local ingredients such as garlic grown in Shimizu Town, and continues to provide a taste that can only be savored here on-site.

Franchise application

We provide various kinds of support to franchisees, including making proposals based on know-how cultivated over many years and supplying them with Horyu’s traditional miso sauce.